Hi, my name is Martin Fink-Jensen

As a UI/UX Designer, I collaborate daily with my project teams to deliver an engaging and intuitive product experience, that leads to more sales and happier customers.


Redesigning the Danish preliminary income assessment form

In Denmark, only 4% get their preliminary income assessment right. As a mentee, I took on the task myself to redesign the online assessment form to a simpler and easier way of filling it out, eliminating some of the barriers for filling it out correctly.


Redesigning Betalingsservice.dk

96% of Betalingsservice’s customers could not find what they were looking for on betalingsservice.dk. Together with Customer Service, Marketing and the UX team, I helped redesign the website with a simpler navigation and content structure, a clear overview of product offerings, and an easier and faster way to get support from Customer service.

Me with my trusted camera

My name is Martin Fink-Jensen

I’m a UI/UX designer with more than 6 years of experience, working within the medical and financial industry.

I have designed experiences for both old and young, professionals and layman, and internal and external, on devices from smart watches and smartphones, to computers and VR goggles.

I specialize in solving complicated problems, analyzing them, figuring out what is relevant for both the business and its users, and deliver a simple and well-designed solution. My open-minded approach to problem solving keeps me constantly learning from both success’ and failures.

The foundation of each project for me, is to understand where it’s coming from, where it should go, the technical tools and limitations. This helps me frame the problem to be solved, and where the focus on user research should be.

Working with larger brands like Demant, Oticon, Philips, Nets, Betalingsservice and Novo Nordisk, has given me experience transforming from rigid structures and processes to more agile and flexible setups, that enables them to move and adapt faster.

I am constantly seeking new challenges and learning opportunities, and would love to talk to you about solving your needs, either on a full-time or project basis. Just contact me, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Let’s get in touch

I am driven by new challenges and learning opportunities, so if you’re interested, let’s have a talk about how I can help solve your needs, either on a full-time or project basis.